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Learn the Hollywood filmmaking secrets and create your own blockbuster movies through the weeklong summer film camp Movie Magic! Designed as a hands on program for youth aged 8 - 13 participants will shoot and edit an animated claymation movie, music video and a short film with props, acting and special effects! New for this year every group will be equipped with HD cameras and tons of new props to get the imagination going. The program will conclude with a special gala afternoon premiere screening for family and friends.  Movie Magic Film Camp strives to provide a highly creative environment that is safe, fun and one that makes a BIG impact for youth!


The film program was first created in 2010 by Chris Jaycox as two weeklong programs: 'Filmmaking 101' and 'Claymation' for the District of Tofino, BC. With so much positive feedback from the participants, parents and the community an independent program was born. Since 2011 the Movie Magic program has been successfully run in 10 municipalities throughout BC and Alberta.

Youth aged 7-14 can register. Please check out the sign up page for pricing and contact your local municipality for exact ages.There are subsidized funding opportunities that exist through many districts for parents who need help with the cost of the program. A maximum of 25 can enroll with a minimum number of 10 required to run the program. The program cost does not include lunch or transportation to and from the camp location.

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