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Saanich, BC

Nov 18th - 22nd, 2019

Banff, AB
March 28th - April 1st, 2016

Courtney, BC
August 8th - 12th, 2016

Saanich, BC
August 14th - 19th, 2016

Ucluelet, BC
August 22nd - 26th, 2016

Check out the Sign Up page for registraion details, locations and municipal contact information.

How much does the Movie Magic program cost?
The program pricing varies depending on the location. Generally priced between $140-$230 per child enrolled. There are also municipal supported funding oppurtuaties avaialbe. Please inquire with your municipality.

How many days does the program run?
Each program runs for 5 days, Monday-Friday. On long weekends the program runs 4 days.

What ages are permitted to register?
Youth aged 7-12 can register.

My child is a outside the permitted age, is it still possible to enroll?
Some excptions can be made for those on the age fringe. Please inquire with your local municipality.

How should my child dress for camp?
To ensure your child has the best time at camp make sure he/she comes prepared to with the appropriate clothing for inside and outside activities. A jacket / sweater and hat are good ideas in case the weather turns. Sun screen and bug spray are also recommended.

Who will see the finished Movie Magic videos created by the campers?
All finished videos will be viewed by family, friends and the campers at the end of the program during the screening afternoon. The videos will also be uploaded to the Movie Magic YouTube page. If you are not comfortable having your child on YouTube please let us know at the beginning of the program.

My child is on Medication and will require it during the camp, is this ok?
If your child requires medication of any kind while at camp, you must indicate that on the participant information form handed out on the morning of the frist day of camp. Medication must be given to the camp staff in that morning along with the signed form. Epi-pens and asthma inhalers can be kept by the child to whom they belong, but staff must be informed in writing that they will be carrying this with them throughout the day.

What food will my child need during camp?
Parents are responsible for packing a lunch and snack each day for each child enrolled in the camp. For the safety of campers and staff with life-threatening allergies, foods containing any type of peanut/nut and peanut/nut by-products, are not permitted at camp. To reduce litter, we strongly encourage the use of litter-free packaging such as reusable plastic containers for your child’s lunch and snacks.

Is there a lost and found for missing items?
Although every effort is made to ensure belongings are properly collected throughout the day, kids often will lose or forget something at camp. Please ensure all your child’s belongings are properly labeled with his/her first & last name. All items left behind at camp are displayed daily for campers to look through. Parents are also welcome to search through the lost & found items by visiting the camp during pick up at the end of the day.

Is it ok to drop off / pick up my child late?
It is important to drop off and pick up your child on time each day. If you are not on time, you may be required to pay a fee of $10.00 per child, for every 30 minutes or part thereof to the Movie Magic staff member in attendance of your child. If you are stuck in traffic, have an emergency, etc, please call or txt (250) 885-8342 to let us know.

What if the program is cancelled?
We will do everything possible to avoid program cancellations; however, if minimum enrollment numbers are not met or there is illness with key staff we reserve the right to cancel the program if necessary. Each municipality will manage refunds for any program cancellations.

Can my child walk home from the camp location?
We recommend that all campers, regardless of their age, are accompanied by an adult to/from their camp location or bus location. Any parent or caregiver who intends on having their child arrive at, or leave from their bus location or camp location without adult accompaniment is required to indicate that on the Participant Information Form.

What is the Movie Magic code of conduct?
At Movie Magic Film Camp, we strive to offer a positive, safe and respectful environment for all, and encourage all campers to demonstrate respectful and appropriate behavior towards their peers and the camp staff. Please review the guidelines of behavior below with your child before they attend camp. At Movie Magic camp safe, respectful and appropriate behavior includes:

  • Following instruction from Movie Magic camp staff. Letting camp staff know immediately if there are any problems or concerns
  • Not leaving camp area without letting a camp staff member know
  • Not littering
  • Not walking or running around barefoot
  • Not carrying or throwing sticks, rocks, sand or water
  • Not hitting, kicking, biting, or showing any other form of violent/aggressive behavior
  • Not using profane language or making profane gestures
  • Not teasing, taunting or gossiping
  • Not bullying or intimidating others in any way

Disciplinary measures may result for those who do not follow the behavior guidelines listed above. These measures include:

  • Child receives a warning from Movie Magic Staff that may involve a consequence (eg. Time out away from activity/program)
  • Parent is called and must pick up child from camp immediately
  • Child is expelled from Movie Magic camps and cannot return

What materials and supplies are included?
All materials will be included for the Movie Magic camps: HD video cameras, still cameras, clay and clay working tools for claymation animations, set making equipment, props, costumes and board games for everyone to unwind before pick up at the end of the day.

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